Storage And Transport

1. Do not publicize gun ownership in order to avoid burglary.

2. Keep gun in easy accessible locked store.

3. If gun is not store in bedroom the store must be extra secured.

4. Storage must be dry and avoid direct sunlight.

5. Line the storage floor with plastic sheet or waxed paper.

6. In order to avoid humidity at gun surface, do not keep gun in holster or wrap gun in storage

7. Keep defensive gun loaded in store with extra ammunition but for storage that is not in easy reaching area it is advisable to unload gun and keep ammunition separately, or for best precaution, dissemble the gun.

8. It is advisable to keep gun and registration document separately and must keep copies of registration somewhere else.

9. Store gun accessory away from visitor.

10. Carry gun according to the law and avoid presenting gun to public when leaving house and packing into the car.