Laws to know about firearms

1. Meanings of firearms, firearms means the tools used to fire. To do serious harm to the body. Climbing can not hurt the body so badly.
By conditions such as guns, children playing non-firearms as defined by law. The law is called. “Gun artifacts” guns that can not be fired, such as
Damaged as part of the firearms, but ammunition stumbling shot M 49 Al is no longer a machine gun and no weapons.
If it is not allowed, it is wrong. Any part of the legal firearms is considered a firearm.
1) caliber
2) sliding ball machine Or the key components of the ball machine.
3) shutter Or a key component of the shutter.
4) Ammunition shells, ammunition pouches, or key components of these items, but the back of the gun sash Not firearms

2. Permission for people to have and use firearms must apply for a registrar for people who are domiciled in Bangkok. File a petition request.
Register the National Police Office for people who are domiciled in the province, apply to the local sheriff. Permissions are available and used.
Firearms must ask for
– Protect yourself or your property.
– For use in sports or hunting.

3. Gun offense These offenses involving firearms include:
1) do without permission
2) Purchased without permission.
3) without permission
4) Use without permission.
5) Ordered from outside the Kingdom without permission.
6) Imported from outside the Kingdom without permission.

The 6 offenses, if it is just about any part of the firearm or “gunshot”, is the same offense. Those who are not allowed to have and use firearms. But possession of firearm belonged to others, which Licensed and legally permissible is also guilty of such offense. The term “firearm” means possession or possession of a firearm. “Ownership” refers to the owner of a firearm. To possession means to carry a firearm with the intention of holding it for yourself. “Hold” refers to the way to hold or take it. “Self-respect” refers to the manner in which guns are handled or gunned to be treated in a manner that expresses fear. This self-respect does not always need to be held by the owner. Taking a gun from someone else in a short period of time. Or taking someone else’s gun Hold for a moment No guns are considered in possession.

4. Possession of the guns of others. The possession of the guns of others who are not illegal are three cases: TOP
1) The lawful possession of firearms by others. As necessary to keep the weapon is not lost. And the possessor must be qualified.
To have and use firearms such as – Black father is allowed to have and use firearms later his father died black Mr. Black possession of weapons.
The gun is pending death within 30 days from the date of death. And get your father’s inheritance. Mr. Black is not guilty – Mr.
As a licensee to have and use firearms later Mr. K Wicharitr, Mrs. B, wife of Mr. A, possession of Mr. A’s firearms to wait for delivery.
Guns and licenses to the registrar Mrs. B have no offense – keep the firearms registered, intend to be handed over to the registrar, was arrested.
First, there is no fault. But if the collector is only 15 years old (still can not carry a firearm) or the gun is a pistol. If the user has to use it.
Wrong with
2) possession of firearms of military and police services and of government agencies and state enterprises;
3) possession of firearms and ammunition, naval vessels, trains and aircraft as usual. Which was shown and the customs officer checked
Note the law should note that the law except for the firearms of the official. Or state enterprise Not excluded
Public servants or state enterprise employees

5. Carrying a firearm. Law prohibits a person from carrying Armed firearms are transported to cities, villages or public roads without a license.
Armed firearms, unless the case is carried out when necessary and urgent, as appropriate to the circumstances. Or house fire
Need a feather and gun run away from home or carry a gun to protect yourself. Because I bring a lot of money to the provinces, etc. But it is noted.
In any case, the law strictly forbids. Do not carry firearms openly. Or take it to a community that has been set up to worship, to celebrate
Amusement or any other It means that even if you have a license to carry a firearm, you can not carry a firearm.
Congregation For such purposes But the law does not prohibit those who have The duty to maintain public order.
And the police, who are in the course of duty. Or people assigned to or using firearms. Which is in the process of helping
And there is a need for and use of firearms in that for the authority to issue a permit to carry in Bangkok is the Director General of the police department in different.
The province is the governor.

6. Having a firearm to keep Anyone who wishes to have a firearm to keep is required to obtain permission to keep in this place means to have it without using firearms.
For example, to store a souvenir, etc. The firearms to keep “storage” in this place means. The absence of firearms such as storage is
Remember, anyone who wants to have a firearm to keep is needed. Must ask for permission from the government. By people who are domiciled in Bangkok.
To apply for a permit to have a firearm to keep at the police department registrar, and people who are domiciled in the province to apply for a license to the.
Local register License to have a firearm to keep. The only firearms issued are:
1) The firearms that the registrar sees as defective and can not be used.
2) Exhaust firearms such as guns used in ancient times, guns are antiquated.
3) Firearms are awarded by the government in a firearms race. Other than this, it is not.
The license is also available for collection. About the firearms that are available for storage is also.
1) Do not fire the firearm.
2) Prohibited ammunition to be used for firearms that are intended to be kept. Considered guilty
Must be punished by law.

7. Permission for people to have or use firearms legally is required to obtain permission from the authorities before.
Government allowed I will issue a license. The major firearms permits include:
1) a license to buy firearms and ammunition (c. 3)
2) There are two types of permits for use and use of firearms and ammunition (type 4):
2.1 Temporary licenses are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
2.2 permanent license Available all the time the licensee Also owns that firearm. Place of application For those who have the landscape.
It is in Bangkok. Apply for permission to the Registrar at the Police Department Division, the domiciled in the province, apply for.
Local sheriff When applying for a government license Registrar will Consider whether the licensee should be issued a license. The important observations are as follows.
3) To issue a license to use or use firearms. Will be issued in only 3 cases.
3.1. To use for self-protection and property.
3.2 for use in sports.
3.3 For hunting purposes If not in any of these cases, the government usually does not. Issue a license
4) One license will be issued for one gun only.
5) The government does not issue a license to use or use. To armed weapons
6) Those who apply for a license to use or use firearms must be persons who are not legally prohibited by law.
Inferiority (under age 20) Persons who are incompetent or Virtual incompetence (Insane person, mentally insane person), person
There is no occupation and income, homeless person, non-resident. In addition, the government will not issue a license to the person named in
Household registration in the locality of that person. Ask for permission less than six months – the procedure for issuing a permit to have or use a firearm. First registrar
We will issue a license to buy weapons (type 3) and a license to use or temporarily use firearms (type PS4).
The applicant to manage to buy firearms. And the machine gun. Ready before it is not illegal. Then the applicant for a firearm.
Say to the registrar check that the firearms and ammunition supplies. Have the type and size exactly as specified in types 3 and 4.
If the registrar matches, the licensee will issue a license to use and permanently use firearms (type Permanent 4), but will have to take weapons.
Guns go to the Registrar to check within 6 months from date. Have a temporary license to exceed 6 months.
The applicant is considered to have a firearm. And guns in possession without permission. Note the case of buying firearms from the owner.
Already allowed The buyer must To obtain a license to buy a firearm from a registrar. Then the applicant bought the license to obtain.
Guns from the seller have it. Or to the registrar together with the buyer and the gun owner, the registrar will designate the 4th to the buyer.

8. Transfer of firearms The law prohibits the transfer of firearms to persons who do not have a license. And use firearms. Even if the transferor is permitted
Have and use firearms, but if you transfer firearms to those without a license, the transferor is guilty. “Transfer” means the transfer of firearms ownership.
Own the ownership of the transfer of firearms legacy. In case the owner of a firearm already has a license. Death of the law
Give the heirs of the deceased or other persons armed with guns, ammunition or a license to have. Or use the firearm of the deceased to report death.
The owner of the gun to the registrar within 30 days from the date of the death of the deceased if not notified is considered guilty. Penalty not to exceed.
1,000 baht for the registrar to report such deaths include:
1) The local registrar who issued a permit to use or use firearms.
2) local registrar where the deceased is domiciled
3) The local registrar whose death notice is domiciled. Upon notification of death to the Registrar. Give the heir who gets the weapon, which is Legacy of the deceased
Contact the local registrar within 6 months from the date of death (gun owner) death. To obtain a new license, because even though.
The heir will have ownership of the gun. But still considered. Have possession of the weapon without permission. Which is illegal
Therefore, you must apply to the local registrar. To obtain a license to use or use firearms (type 4), the government will consider that.
Does the heir or applicant have any qualifications prohibited by law? If there is no, then the license will continue to be managed.

9. In case of need to notify Registrar
1) Firearms are lost or destroyed, the registrar must notify the Registrar within 15 days.
2) The license was lost or destroyed. Requires a replacement license within 30 days of loss or destruction.
3) If the person is allowed to have and use deadly firearms. The heir must notify the registrar within 30 days of the date of death of the licensee.
4) The applicant must move to the registrar within 15 days from the date of transfer.
Move out within 15 days of moving out. And notify the Registrar of the transfer within 15 days from the date of transfer Who does not report being guilty?
5) Licensee If you become ineligible to get a license later, for example, become a demented person. Or an incompetent person must return a firearm.
And the license to the registrar without delay. Otherwise, it is wrong.
6) Who brings firearms from abroad? The firearms must be delivered to customs officers or notified to the local registrar without delay.
Offense 10. revocation of license Registrar has the power to revoke the certificate. Permit it if given out by mistake. Or a licensed person.
Once revoked, the licensee must hand over the gun and the license back to the registrar without delay.
Permission or use of another’s license is punishable by imprisonment.