Gun Supply Scheme, Firearms, Welfare

Those who have the right to purchase firearms are officials under the Department of Local Administration, the village headman, the village headman and the village headman. District Inspector, Chief Inspector, Member of the Executive Committee / Member of the Council and Employee of the Local Administrative Organization as well as government officials. Employees Under the Ministry of Interior And the government departments approved by the Department of Justice are officials, the Ministry of Justice. And the judge Attorney General’s Office Constitutional Independent Organization, Forest Department, National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Excise Department, Customs Department, Immigration Bureau Department of Water and Maritime Transportation Office of the Commission on the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption Anti-Money Laundering Office Drug Prevention and Suppression Bureau National Security Agency National Intelligence Agency Constitutional Court, Administrative Court, Judge, Royal Thai Armed Forces, Royal Thai Navy, Royal Thai Air Force, Royal Thai Armed Forces, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defense Police National Police Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of Education Ministry of Transport, Department of Highways, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Culture Ministry of industry Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Crown Property Bureau Secretariat of the Prime Minister The secretariat of the senate Public Relations Department State enterprise And authorized agencies join the project.