Carrying A Handgun In Public

Research and Planning Division Official Police Department at 0503 (s) / 27663 September 30, 1982
Practical matters regarding the search for a person carrying a firearm in the public place.
To the student, the administrator, the officer, or equivalent positions.

According to Schedule No. 0501/30476, dated December 11, 1974,
In the practice of police officers. Use discretion in search. Arresting a firearms handler to the public to be accurate under the Criminal Code, Section 371 has provided. Subsequently, the order of the Administrative Reform Commission of the Land No. 44 dated 21 October 1976 was amended. Section 8 bis of the Firearms Act BE 2490 was amended in the practice of current police officers. There was a problem when a detective found someone carrying a firearm in a public place. With only a license to use and firearms (Ps. 4), but have not received a license to carry a firearms (P.12), it is usually detained to prosecute every case. Makes trouble to innocent people who have been raided and arrested. To ensure that the police officer’s behavior is correct and correct. The following additional insight into the implementation of the provisions of Section 8 bis of the Firearms Act, 1947, as amended by the Order of Reform. Land Administration No. 44 dated October 21, 1976. Article 3 stipulates that no person carrying firearms in the city. Village or public road Without permission to have a firearm. Unless the case must be carried out when necessary and urgent, as appropriate, in any circumstance, firearms may not be carried out openly or taken to a community organized for worship, merriment, entertainment or entertainment. Any other So can see that. Laws still open opportunities. The innocent people bring their guns by law. But they are not allowed to carry around to protect themselves and their property. Within the scope of the law According to the decree, no prosecution of the Director General of the Prosecutor’s Department regarding the carrying of firearms in towns, villages or public way. Without being allowed to carry it from the official It is assumed that the condition is a case where armed firearms when necessary and urgent. As appropriate There is a way to summarize it.

1. If you put a firearm in a pocket stored in the tailgate. Which can not be picked up immediately.
2. Put firearms in your luggage and put them in the car, which can not be picked up immediately.
3. To collect money from customers in the province. Tens of thousands Bring it on and have a firearm. Licensed by the Registrar. Put the car front door
To protect the body and property
4. To collect money from customers in the provinces. Bring a gun with you. By gun fire And the machine guns are apart. Put your briefcase on the upholstery.
Behind the car
5. Wrap the gun and the tinspring in a separate skirt and keep it in the hood.
The police officer concerned. To use as a discretion to consider in the performance of this duty to continue. Signed by Gen. Narong Mahanon.
(Narong Mahanont) Deputy Director of Ph.D. Try to follow the view is still applicable to me now see the results of this practice as well.
All of this has a referenceable source. There is a place to go to be able to open up to see where it goes.

Story 1: The accused was arrested by the police while driving to collect the money the customer accused of selling drugs in Samut Sakhon province, amounting to 35,000 baht, the accused claimed to bring firearms. Take to protect property The guns the accused are licensed to have and used properly. Along with showing a 35,000 baht cash, the investigator looks at the evidence. It turns out that the police searched the gun from the front left storage. The car that the accused drive. The Director General of the Department of Public Prosecutions decides. The accused did not take the firearms openly. But kept in a storage room. And the accused to collect money from a large number of customers in the province. By carrying a firearm, which is allowed to be used and then taken with it. It is necessary and urgent as it should be.
Therefore, the defendant did not sue. According to the Penal Code Section 371 of the Firearms Act Section 8 bis, 72 bis, etc.

Story 2: The accused was arrested with a .38 short gun. With two ammunition ammunition and ammunition in 28 rounds of ammunition, all of the ammunition in a suitcase was put in the trunk of the accused’s car. The accused brought his or her licensed firearms and used them. Put it in a handbag And put on a suitcase in a car skirt with a key. The condition is not a take-off and non-disclosure of the weapon, not a suit against the accused, etc.

Story 3 accused 10-wheel drive cars along Thonburi-Paktho Road was arrested by police at the checkpoint. With 7 guns and ammunition, the accused is licensed and used. But no portability The gun is in a handbag on a steel grating over the seat of the accused. The accused has a firearm in his handbag. Keep in the iron grate above the driver’s head. The condition is not to carry a firearm. Not guilty Therefore, the arbitral tribunal does not file the three suits from the book of guns, not to be arrested by Somporn-Srinida Phornhasithorn, the prosecutor, author of pages 50-51 (10th edition). See the controversial opinion of the Attorney General regarding the carrying of firearms. The Attorney General made a ruling controversial at 64/2524 regarding the carrying of firearms. To carry a firearm to carry a fault under the firearms, etc., it must be the act of the accused in the ability to use the firearm immediately.